Rocio Ildemaro - High-quality luxury shoes of the finest materials, produced in the Veneto region of Italy
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Rocio Ildemaro
Rocio Ildemaro
About Rocio

Rocio Ildemaro specializes in luxurious, high-quality shoes for
exceptional men and women. Bespoke and collection creations alike,
she combines high style and unique design with the ultimate comfort
of a completely custom shoe.

Born in Venezuela, Rocio counts her South American heritage as inspiration, along with her enthusiasm for music, design and fashion.
A self-confessed shoe junkie, Rocio has always had a passion for
high-fashion, specifically for well designed and exquisite footwear.
She moved to the U.S. in 1981 and after attending a traditional
university, Rocio could resist the fashion world no more. She fluttered
over to Milan and perfected her art among some of the finest shoe
makers in Italy.

In addition to an extensive catalog of seasonal collections, Rocio
also hand-crafts personalized shoes for men and women. Although
she is best known for her sexy stiletto, she creates beautiful pumps,
flats and high-heeled boots as unique as the feet they are created
for– as well as stunning classic men's shoes.

Her process for custom creations is intricate, and consists of an
initial interview and sizing, wardrobe + shoe consultation for style,
and occasionally additional fittings for modifications and accommo-
dations. Rocio can create both custom-ordered designs and original
creations based upon personal interviews with clients. She travels
to Europe several times a year to hand-select the next season's
finest fabrics and leathers, so that her fashion-forward clients can
stay a step ahead.

Rocio's creations are not just standard run-of-the-mill shoes with
a flair for fashion; her footwear creates a completely pampered
experience, providing you the luxury of personal allure and style.

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